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Scott Simmerman

Dr. Scott Simmerman has been publisher of great team building games and Square Wheels illustrations as tools for improving productivity and performance for over 20 years. He sells toolkits designed for active learning and participative involvement to impact motivation, engagement, leadership and innovation.

Dr. Scott Simmerman is the author of the Square Wheels® approach to innovation and communications, one that uses images as metaphors for how things work and what can be improved. He is globally known for his team building simulation, “The Search for The Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine and other business exercises. A former psychology professor bored with the classroom, he began consulting in performance improvement in 1978 and moved into motivational presentations and workshops focused on engagement and participation. One of Scott’s premises is that if people enjoy a learning experience, they will more readily retain key points. Since 1993, he has presented programs on change, leadership development, and organizational improvement using themes of personal and organizational improvement, leadership skills, motivation and change management. He is a Certified Professional Facilitator by the International Association of Facilitators and has presented in 47 countries to a wide variety of audiences. When not presenting, marketing and developing, he is a frequent writer and contributor to numerous learning groups as well as adjunct professor at Furman University’s Center for Corporate and Professional Development. He is a former board member of North American Simulation and Gaming Association (NASAGA) and ASQ. His focus is on actively engaging audiences while communicating key points and desired themes in a memorable way. Testimonials from his presentations show them to be unique, interactive, entertaining, practical and appreciated by diverse audiences. Participants are actually given real tools and processes they can take back to the workplace and USE! Consulting and presentation opportunities in 3 dozen countries have given Scott a base of experience and humor that is both polished and practical. His presentation skills are exceptional, his approach low-key, and his style is engaging and involving as opposed to lecturing.

Scott Simmerman's Background

Scott Simmerman's Experience

Senior Vice President of Operations at Wherehouse Entertainment

January 1981 - July 1982

In a transition from an unprofitable and nearly bankrupt 126-store chain, the owner died and a new management came in, hired me as a consultant and then gave me full operational control of the stores as well as managing an Employee Stock Ownership Plan. My challenge was to improve teamwork, engage people and manage change with a focus on improving profitability. We involved and engaged people throughout the organization, decreased employee and manager turnover dramatically, reduced shrinkage and significantly increased profitability. The firm became subject to a takeover and I was forced to leave. But we built a base of involved and engaged managers and leaders, built solid behaviorally-based performance improvement programs, built teamwork and collaboration focused on sharing best practices and supporting others to optimize profitability and customer service. Those were two hard, but Most Excellent years of work experience.

Professor of Psychology at Furman University

July 1975 - June 1977

I did not see a good listing for Industry but thought warehousing might be appropriate, at least for some of my students. . I am still on Furman University's excellent leadership development faculty for The Center for Corporate and Professional Development.

University Teaching Fellow at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

September 1974 - June 1975

Two graduate students were selected to be University Teaching Fellows, which carried a stipend in addition to full tuition. I taught one class of Introductory Psychology and supervised 12 other graduate student-taught sessions. We self-supported and coached each other along for two semesters, with collected feedback results of our individual efforts.

Designer of engagement and motivational tools at Performance Management Company

October 1984

Chief Team Building Exercise Designer and author of a variety of employee engagement, employee development and employee communication tools -- Scott focuses on employee performance and performance management, motivation and improvement for leadership, trainers and facilitators.

Scott Simmerman's Education

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

1971 – 1976


Iowa State University

1970 – 1971


Concentration: Psychology

Allegheny College

1966 – 1970


Concentration: Psychology

Scott Simmerman's Interests & Activities

Scott blogs extensively on issues of people and performance and is an active responder in a dozen LinkedIn forums and discussion groups, which helps keep him engaged and involved in various organizational and performance issues. Scott is actively developing a number of new team building games and collaborating with consultants in various regions of the world on new product development and organizational improvement.

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